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Red Balls of Fire

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2023 Rio De Janeiro Brazil

IT Security conference for North America & LATAM  

Get Ready for an immersive networking experience

Cyber Security I  Application Security I Information Security I Cloud Security I   Data Science , AI in Security I Access Management I Threat & Risk Management

Network & Connect

Attending the conference is an outstanding means of forging new professional contacts in the industry, and generating opportunities to build strong relations and strategic partnerships.

Get Inspired with latest Trends

Keep up-dated with the latest trends in the industry, and learn how to use the latest trends in your institution, and directly translate that experience into improved decision making and performance.

Presentations & Panel Discussions

Presentations from Industry leaders on latest technology and Panel Discussions and Breakout sessions which you’ll unite with some of North America & LATAM best minds to explore solutions to some of the IT security sector’s most pressing challenges, opportunities, and myths

Who are we
Sponsorship Opportunities

Depending on your regions of interest and target audience, you will be able to

  • Increase brand visibility – Makes your brand visible to a greater number of participants during the event since the networking space is infinite.

  • Unlock innovation – Provides you with innovative opportunities to deliver more effective experiences to potential customers.

  • Enhance brand interaction – Enables our audience to easily maneuver within the digital space which is advocating social interaction and collaboration.

  • Attain valuable lead data – Allows you to keep track of what attendees are viewing and interested in, leading to additional revenue opportunities.

For Details please contact : Soumya Pattnaik email :

Virtual Meeting
Group Calls

Agenda 2023 

 Timings : 11 am to 6 pm


Networking conference will provide you with extensive opportunities to connect with fellow industry experts and experiences which include:


Meetings: giving IT experts the chance to enjoy “face-to-face” meetings with fellow experts from across North America and LATAM.

  • Panel Discussions and Breakout sessions : you’ll unite with some of the Americas best minds to explore solutions to some of the sector’s most pressing challenges, opportunities, and myths;

  • Networking breaks, which ensure that a catch-up or collaboration-catalyzing conversation with fellow delegates.

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