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Healthcare Technology CONFERENCE & EXPO

Technology, Instrumentation & IT Expo for Healthcare Industry

Medical Devices

Improving the overall performance through latest instruments and gadgets

2016, Mumbai INDIA

Healthcare Technology

Digital and technological transformation across health care Sector for efficiency and Innovation

Big Pharma

Innovation  and contibution of the

PHARMA sector in  health care


Healthcare Technology SHOW is a world-class health innovation event that takes you to the frontier of change, innovation and best practice of health care in INDIA Participate and meet 100’s of TOP HEALTHCARE & MEDICAL Industry Professionals from key positions in the TOP HOSPITALS and Healthcare in INDIA
The Expo will bring together key Indian and global healthcare innovators,healthcare providers, policy makers and technology enablers. It will feature a day of high level discussions which look at how technology, IT, Instrumentation and modern equipments are redefining healthcare strategies, models of collaboration, lowering costs and dramatically improving patient outcomes. Many would argue that the entire healthcare industry in INDIA is at a crossroads right now. As healthcare becomes more unaffordable and technology continues to capture public imagination, new healthcare delivery models are starting to become available. The whole future delivery system for health care is undergoing change due to technology and modern instrumentation but how will public and private healthcare systems react? Come Visit and Discover it yourself.
For details on Exhibition and Sponsorship availibilty please contact below: Ajit Sahoo: call on +1 416 9070576